Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Gear

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Gear – I remember being pregnant with my first son, I had no ideas what baby products I actually needed! Sure, I needed clothes, car seat, stroller, but what else was out there? Times have really changed since the last time I was pregnant. We have so many resources now that can help, but what advice is better than local moms?

So, I posted in one of my favorite local mom groups to find out some of the must have best baby products, and here is what local Greensboro moms told me!

Baby Carriers

The number one recommended product was a baby carrier! I personally could not have lived without one! I rarely used a stroller, but my Ergo was always with me! My boys are only 21 months a part, so I was always wearing one, and my husband usually the other! There are a ton of great wraps and carriers out there, but these were the top ones that were recommended!

Boba X



Sakura Bloom

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Items

Baby Feeding Systems

The next top recommended items were breast pumps and formula! I know this was a big item I spent hours and hours researching when I was pregnant. Closed system, open system, what did it all mean? Would I even be able to nurse or would we end up formula feeding? Who really knows, but here is what local moms suggested!

Spectra Breast Pump

Kiinde Twist System

Haaka  Portable Breast Pump

Baby Brezza

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Items


Now, the next big thing! Sleep! New parents often show up to their newborn sessions ready to take a nap because their baby was up all night! That is completely normal! Trying to come up with a good routine and what baby likes is an on going task!


White Noise Machine

Baby Lounger

Dock a tot

Boppy Lounger


I hope that this helps your search for your must have baby products!


Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Items

Greensboro Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Greensboro Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – I was so excited when Caroline reached out to me about a Lifestyle Newborn session for her newest addition, Boone! I first met Caroline at Wesleyan Preschool Academy where she was one of my oldest son’s preschool teachers! We stayed in touch after Preschool Graduation and I am so glad we did!

Caroline and I started planning Boone’s newborn session a few months before his due date. After much deliberation, we decided that a Greensboro Lifestyle Newborn session would be the best fit! With two older siblings and a super crafty dad, Caroline’s beautiful home was the perfect setting! She also decided to add on a posed petite session since Boone would likely be her last and she really wanted to capture everything!

Caroline’s home was absolutely stunning! It was the perfect blend of farmhouse and cozy, which made for the perfect backdrop for Boone’s session! My favorite room was the sunroom! There is just something about big windows and ship lap walls that is so beautiful!

Boone’s brother and sister we so sweet and were absolutely obsessed with their new baby!
Greensboro Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Boone’s dad is so amazing and handmade this beautiful moon crib! I loved showcasing it for his session and hope that he cherishes it as he grows up!

Greensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

See what I mean? Now, here are a few favorites from Boone’s Posed Petite Session!

Greensboro Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Newborn PhotographyGreensboro Newborn PhotographyGreensboro Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Newborn Photographer


Burlington NC Newborn Photographer – Deanna

Burlington NC Newborn Photographer – If you saw Taleesha’s Maternity session, then you know what to expect! Deanna was absolutely perfect!

A question I get asked often is, are newborn sessions hard or easy? Its kind of a tough question to answer! I love newborns because they are so sweet and snuggle, they cannot run away, and they can usually be consoled one of three ways! Newborns take a different type of skill set that doesn’t require singing baby shark or if you’re happy and know it, over and over to get a good reaction (I’m looking at you One Year olds), but being extra patient while bouncing or patting baby’s bum after re-positioning for the 5th time in the same pose just to take one picture for the gallery! I’ve been specializing in newborns for almost 5 years now, and have learned quite a few tricks in the past few year to help the session go smoothly, whether baby is in the best spirits, or not!

Let’s get back to Deanna! I mean from the perfect cheeks and sleeping through most of her session, I could have photographed this gorgeous girl all day!

Burlington NC Newborn PhotographyBurlington NC Newborn PhotographyBurlington NC Newborn PhotographyBurlington NC Newborn PhotographyBurlington NC Newborn PhotographerBurlington NC Newborn PhotographerBurlington NC Newborn PhotographyBurlington NC Newborn PhotographyGreensboro NC Newborn Photographer

Since her birthday is close to Valentines Day, we had to through in some sweetarts and pink!

Greensboro NC Newborn Photographer

This little bed from Rozzi Rayne is a must have if you are a newborn photographer!

Greensboro NC Newborn PhotographyGreensboro NC Newborn and FamilyPhotographerBurlington NC Newborn and Family PhotographerBurlington NC Newborn and Family PhotographerBurlington NC Newborn and Family Photographer


Summerfield NC Maternity Photographer – Taleesha

Summerfield NC Maternity Photographer – Fall is one of my absolute favorite times to photograph clients outside! Yes, I know that’s also everyone’s favorite time to get their updated family Christmas cards too. The light is just so magical and golden, and as long as you can get a dry weather day, you will have amazing results!

Taleesha contacted me a few weeks before her Luxe Maternity Session  and we immediately went into planning mode! She already had picked out a beautiful burgandy maternity gown (similar gown) and matching floral crown! She sent me several beautiful inspiration photos in tall fields, so we settled on one of my favorite locations. The evening couldn’t have been more beautiful! The cold hadn’t set in yet and the tall grass was a beautiful golden wheat color! Taleesha arrived looking absolutely stunning with her beautiful family in tow! Her son Junior was a bit apprehensive about taking photos, but after a few of my best tricks and letting him take a turn with the camera, he warmed up!


Summerfield NC Maternity PhotographerMaternity Photographer near Summerfield NCMaternity Photography near Summerfield NCSummerfield NC Maternity PhotographerSummerfield NC Maternity PhotographerSummerfield NC Maternity PhotographySummerfield NC Family Photography

How handsome is this little man! He really wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but was a trooper!

Summerfield NC Maternity PhotographySummerfield NC Family PhotographerSummerfield NC PhotographerSummerfield NC Maternity Photographer

Taleesha booked my Bump to Baby package which includes maternity and newborn photos! I promise you will not want to miss the adorableness from their sweet baby, Deanna’s session!

Greensboro Family Photo Sessions

Greensboro Family Photo Sessions – Fall is almost here, which means its also my busiest season for taking family photos! What is your biggest stress when booking a family session? If the answer is, “What do we wear!?” then this post is for you!

Last month, I had a family member take some updated family photos for my mother in law. I knew what color scheme we needed to follow, so that part was done. However,  I still struggled with putting together adorable and cohesive outfits for my family of four! So, what is the KEY to amazing family photo outfits? Here are a few helpful tips!

  1. Don’t Match – the white shirt and khakis for the whole family might have been OK 10 years a go, but its a No No. Instead, find coordinating colors and patterns. Here is a great example of using 3 colors and coordinating the whole family around them. Stacey was able to coordinate her family using mustard, navy and grey!
    Greensboro Family Photo Sessions
  2. Layers – Layers can be tough, but they are important for texture! The layers can be as simple as a vest, cardigan, or jewelry! Check out how Kristen coordinated her family of 6 with maroon, navy and grey!3. Style – Be you! I don’t mean let your husband wear those dingy basketball shorts and wholly t-shirts for the session. However, you don’t want to look back in 10 years and say, man that was so 2019! I loved how Kate kept a classic look here with classic dresses for the girls, and button ups for her boys!Greensboro PhotographerGreensboro Photographer


Then finally – ask your photographer! I send out a “What to Wear” guide for all of my family sessions and am always available to bounce off ideas and help you figure out the best outfits for your family!