Jaxon is TWO! I remember when I went to his house to photograph him as a teeny tiny almost 6 lb newborn! He gotten so big and I just loved how handsome he looked in his red sweater and hat! He had fun finding a few toys around the studio, but I think his favorite was the mini basketball! Its a standard favorite for little boys I think!
I really love these studio mini milestone sessions for wanting to update your little ones yearly portrait or send a few photos to grandma.





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This was the second time I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful family! We had so much fun, and all got quite the workout in chasing almost 3 year old Maggie! When it comes to photographing young children, I have found that by letting them be themselves you can capture some magical images! They are so full of spunk and once they realize that they can have fun, they will pose for some of those “perfect” portraits as well!














It is always so much fun to see my clients grow! I met Levi when he was just a week old, and now he is a handsome, active ONE year old! He seriously enjoyed his cake smash and thought it was pretty cool to hang outside, eat cake, and then take a bath! If you think about it, it is pretty awesome!
We added on a mini family session too since the Holidays are right around the corner! THey were all just adorable and Big Sister gave me some amazing smiles!
















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Penelope arrived for her session already asleep. I layed her down on the beanbag to get started and she immediately started smiling. I knew this was going to be an amazing session. Newborn smiles are the epitome of perfection, even though they have no idea they are doing it. She didn’t stop there, she smiled throughout her entire session. Her parents and I sat back and just watched her smile and make funny faces at us.

I dare you to not smile back at these adorable little grins!













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I remember when I was pregnant with my first son, I could not wait to go to Babies ‘R’ Us and get a hold of that scanner to register for all those fun baby gadgets!
Then, I got there. I was flooded with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Yes, I knew the basics. Obviously I would need a …..

Carseat – Check
Stroller – Check
(figuring out the best carseat and stroller combo is a whole process on its own)
Diapers – Check
What is this thing-a-ma-jig? Wait, You can Suck the snot from a babies nose (i.e. Nosefrieda)!?!?

Things were starting to get out of control, and soon enough I just ended up scanning every item that looked like it could be necessary.

When my sweet bundle arrived, I knew that the best way a baby could sleep was to be swaddled. But, for the life of me and all the videos on youtube, I could not successfully swaddle this little squirmy creature! This is when I discovered the Velcro and Zipper swaddleMe pods. These things are plain genius. Some amazing mother took all the hard work out of swaddling and made it an easy 3 step process to get your baby snug as a bug. I dreaded the day that my baby could roll and wouldn’t be able to be swaddled anymore. It was the only way he would sleep.


The second thing that I realized was that babies like constant noise. Not the dead silence and then the door bell rings or your dog barks for no reason type of noise. There are reasons why they show people with the vacuum and hairdryer on in the movies to get their babies to sleep! They are so used to the constant whooshing and muffled voices in the outside world that the dead silence is probably somewhat frightening! This is when I found the sweet little Sleep Sheep.  It has a variety of choices of white noise to choose from. Our household favorite is the ocean sounds. In fact, we love it so much that my boys still love to listen to their ocean “music” to fall asleep too.


Lastly, the WUBANUB! My babies loved their pacifiers from the day they came home from the hospital, but those pesky little Nuk pacifiers were getting lost all over the place. Not to mention that the dogs thought they were great chew toys. So, when I saw a friend’s baby with a pacifier that had an small stuffed animal attached, I ordered one right away. We never had to buy another pacifier. My oldest had an elephant and my youngest a monkey, but they have pretty much every adorable animal you can think of!


If you have gotten this far, you may be wondering what this post has to do with newborn photography. The art of being a newborn photographer takes some special skills that I have worked hard at perfecting, but that I cannot do without some important tools.
I have since mastered the swaddle to help soothe your baby into a deep slumber. While I wont use the swaddle pod during your session, it was a valuable asset to me for my own little ones and learning about babies. My clients often comment on how quickly their babies fall asleep once they have been swaddled, and while the material I use for the sessions works well, its for the short session time. The swaddle pods are a perfect item for you to use at home!
I keep the studio nice and warm with white noise constantly playing in the room to help keep your baby cozy and calm. These things help remind your baby of that comfortable place they just left, your belly!

If you want to book session or have any questions about my newborn sessions, please feel free to contact me at jeniferhowardphotography@gmail.com

*This post was not endorsed by any of these products. This is just a helpful post for anyone confused on what to put on your baby registry!

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