Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Gear

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Gear

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Gear – I remember being pregnant with my first son, I had no ideas what baby products I actually needed! Sure, I needed clothes, car seat, stroller, but what else was out there? Times have really changed since the last time I was pregnant. We have so many resources now that can help, but what advice is better than local moms?

So, I posted in one of my favorite local mom groups to find out some of the must have best baby products, and here is what local Greensboro moms told me!

Baby Carriers

The number one recommended product was a baby carrier! I personally could not have lived without one! I rarely used a stroller, but my Ergo was always with me! My boys are only 21 months a part, so I was always wearing one, and my husband usually the other! There are a ton of great wraps and carriers out there, but these were the top ones that were recommended!

Boba X



Sakura Bloom

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Items

Baby Feeding Systems

The next top recommended items were breast pumps and formula! I know this was a big item I spent hours and hours researching when I was pregnant. Closed system, open system, what did it all mean? Would I even be able to nurse or would we end up formula feeding? Who really knows, but here is what local moms suggested!

Spectra Breast Pump

Kiinde Twist System

Haaka  Portable Breast Pump

Baby Brezza

Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Items


Now, the next big thing! Sleep! New parents often show up to their newborn sessions ready to take a nap because their baby was up all night! That is completely normal! Trying to come up with a good routine and what baby likes is an on going task!


White Noise Machine

Baby Lounger

Dock a tot

Boppy Lounger


I hope that this helps your search for your must have baby products!


Greensboro Moms Must Have Baby Items