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Greensboro Small Business Feature Meet the owner of Sweet Hadley B Cookies

Meet Amanda – the owner of Sweet Hadley B Cookies – A local Greensboro Small Business that creates custom decorated sugar cookies that are works of art!

Amanda is an incredible and gorgeous wife and mother of two, who also happens to make some of the most beautiful and amazing sugar cookies you have ever seen!

Amanda and I had been planning on doing this meetup for a few weeks. When I told my husband about it, he was so confused why I would want to take pictures of sugar cookies. My words couldn’t quite explain all of the details that go into her process, so instead I simply sent him a photo. His response was simply “WHOA!”

I had the honor of getting to see Amanda in action and interview her for my new blog feature of other local small business’ here in the Greensboro, NC area! I loved getting to watch her impeccable attention to detail as she carefully worked on each cookie to make it perfect!

Let’s get to know Amanda!

– How long have you been baking?

This past Christmas was 3 years since I decorated my first royal icing cookies and this April will be 3 years since my very first paid order (I’m looking at you Kristin M!!)

– What got you interested in cookie decorating?

I wanted to be able to make treats for my kids’ birthday parties and to send to school. I ordered from Etsy and after a let down experience, I decided to try it. After lots of research, watching YouTube, and following blogs for a couple months, I tried decorating my first cookies in December 2015. It grew from there as friends and acquaintances started ordering and referring people to me. I’m super blessed with supportive friends and customers and word of mouth is still my best advertising!

– What was your inspiration for your business name?

I started baking for my kids – so I wanted to incorporate them into my business name. Hadley is my daughter and we call my son, Barrett, B. That’s how Sweet Hadley B Cookies was born.

– What was your favorite set of cookies you’ve created so far?

Oh gosh, that’s so hard!! I really do love almost every set I get to create. If I have to pick just one though, I think it may be The Very Hungry Caterpillar hand painted set.

– Go to drink/snack when you are working?

Hot tea drinker here! Typically Irish Breakfast or Earl Grey. I don’t really snack while decorating because it would just mean more hand washing! 

– What is your biggest challenge for your Greensboro Small Business?

Currently, I’m growing bigger than I can accommodate. It’s absolutely an amazing ‘problem’ to have. My youngest is still in preschool and I try to limit decorating to when he’s not home or after bedtime. Each year, as we add one day of pre-k, I’m able to take on more and more orders.

– What does your creative process look like?

My favorite sets are always when a customer sends me an invite and lets me be creative. I feel like those always turn out the best. Typically, I plan a set out on paper as far as cutters, colors, and designs. Sometimes I’ll sketch it out if I’m having trouble envisioning it, but most of the time I’m more of a wing it creator.

Now the question you have all been waiting for…

– How can I place an order/what does the order process look like?

You can place orders through a message to me on my Facebook page or a request form on my website ( I’ll ask for the event date and what themes/ideas the customer has for the event. I check my availability, send pricing information and we go from there. Since each set is completely custom, it takes some back and forth to get a solid plan. Once a plan is made, I send an invoice, collect a retainer and we’re set!

I snagged a few photos from her Facebook page of some gorgeous sets of cookies she has created, look how incredible they are?!

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