Greensboro Family Photo Sessions – What to Wear

Greensboro Family Photo Sessions

Greensboro Family Photo Sessions – Fall is almost here, which means its also my busiest season for taking family photos! What is your biggest stress when booking a family session? If the answer is, “What do we wear!?” then this post is for you!

Last month, I had a family member take some updated family photos for my mother in law. I knew what color scheme we needed to follow, so that part was done. However,  I still struggled with putting together adorable and cohesive outfits for my family of four! So, what is the KEY to amazing family photo outfits? Here are a few helpful tips!

  1. Don’t Match – the white shirt and khakis for the whole family might have been OK 10 years a go, but its a No No. Instead, find coordinating colors and patterns. Here is a great example of using 3 colors and coordinating the whole family around them. Stacey was able to coordinate her family using mustard, navy and grey!
    Greensboro Family Photo Sessions
  2. Layers – Layers can be tough, but they are important for texture! The layers can be as simple as a vest, cardigan, or jewelry! Check out how Kristen coordinated her family of 6 with maroon, navy and grey!3. Style – Be you! I don’t mean let your husband wear those dingy basketball shorts and wholly t-shirts for the session. However, you don’t want to look back in 10 years and say, man that was so 2019! I loved how Kate kept a classic look here with classic dresses for the girls, and button ups for her boys!Greensboro PhotographerGreensboro Photographer


Then finally – ask your photographer! I send out a “What to Wear” guide for all of my family sessions and am always available to bounce off ideas and help you figure out the best outfits for your family!