CHD Awareness

Two Years a go, if I would have seen a “CHD Awareness” post, I probably would have just scrolled on by. Benson changed that.

One of the most exciting things about moving back to Greensboro, was that I would be so close to all of my niece and nephews! I was even more excited when both of my sister in law’s announced their pregnancies shortly after I moved back!  I couldn’t wait to get to photograph these sweet new babies and watch them grow!

Baby Benson – Transposition of the Great Arteries

My sister in law Christal went into her 20 week ultrasound just like she had with her other 3 babies, but she left worried. They had seen some abnormalities with the babies heart in the ultrasound. The doctors discovered that Benson had a congenital heart disease (CHD) called Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), as well as a Ventricular Septal Defect and Atrial Septal Defect. They knew right away, that he would have to undergo an open heart surgery within the first few days of life. Without surgery, he would not survive.

The next few months were full of stress and worry for our whole family. We spent a lot of time on our knees praying for his safe arrival and for comfort for my brother and sister in law’s family.

I was so lucky to be able to visit Benson a couple days before his surgery and capture a few precious moments of him with his parents. His story has forever changed our entire family. 1 in 110 Babies born will have a Congential Heart Disease. Most babies will require multiple surgeries to repair the damage from CHD.



CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer

A room with a view. The monitors and equipment needed to take care of Benson before his surgery.

CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer

With Flu Restrictions, Benson wasnt able to meet his 3 older brothers until he was released from the hospital. FaceTime helped keep the family connected.

CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer

Duke PCICU – Benson wore several monitors 24 hours a day to keep track of all of his vitals.

CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer

Benson with his mother at just two days new.

CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer

CHD Awareness – Benson is the face of CHD.

CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer

Baby Benson waits to undergo open heart surgery.

CHD Awareness - Greensboro Newborn Photographer


Greensboro NC Newborn Photography – Deagan

Greensboro NC Newborn Photography – What do you get when you add two newborn photographer plus one of their newborns together?  Pure magic! I’ve been so blessed to have some amazingly talented friends in this industry, and Ashley from Art By Ashley Photography is one of them! We collaborated for Madison’s newborn session back in July, so I was extremely excited to work with her again and start planning her own little man’s session!

You hear all the time about “Photographer Child Syndrome”, or basically photographers children never cooperate for photos, that was not the case for Deagan. He was just perfect! He even gave us a couple perfectly timed little smirks!

Greensboro NC Newborn Photography

I loved both of these images so much, but for different reasons! Which one is your favorite?

I used my favorite crate that I picked up at a flea market, a curly wool layer from Buttercup Baby Props, and A natural wrap from Red Owl Baby Props.

Greensboro NC Newborn Photography

I can’t even handle his sweet little lips in this set up!

Deagan is laying on a scarf wrap, an essential blanket from Art My Blanket, and a teak wood bowl that I picked up from another photographers destash.

One of the hardest things about being a photographer is finding another photographer you trust to capture your memories. I feel honored that Ashley trusted me to capture her images with her sweet boy. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?

Greensboro Newborn Photographer

Greensboro Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Newborn Photographer

Oh my heart! Look at his sweet face in this froggy pose! You can see another beautiful layer from Buttercup Baby Props and wrap from Red Owl in this photo.

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Greensboro Twin Newborn Photographer – Henry & Baker

A few months back, I had put out a request to the Facebook universe to photograph some twins! I have found that most parents of twins are overwhelmed and over-tired, so the last thing on their minds is getting newborn portraits done of their newest additions. It takes a little longer to get into a routine, and by the time they find their rhythm, the twins are a few months old and the “newborn” phase has passed. Babies grow so fast! Which is why newborn photographs are so important. I know how overwhelming leaving the house with one infant can be, let a lone two. That’s OK. My goal is to give all of you amazing newborn parents a little break while I snuggle and pose your sweet little ones.

Henry & Baker

Henry and Baker were nothing short of amazing. They were just three weeks new, and still so teeny! When they arrived, I took them out of their car seats and immediately swaddled them right up. They loved it. In fact, they loved it so much they didn’t wake up the whole session! I love it when that happens, even though it is pretty rare!

Greensboro Twin Newborn Photographer

I am sure that these two will be the best of friends. They were so content just snuggling next to each other during their session.

Greensboro Twin Newborn PhotographerGreensboro Twin Newborn Photographer

I loved this photo of Henry and Baker with their gorgeous mama! Doesn’t she look beautiful?

Greensboro Twin Newborn Photographer

I loved this image from their session. It was so sweet how Baker just leaned in perfectly on Henry’s shoulder.

Greensboro Twin Newborn Photographer

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  • Corey - What a great newborn session! Love the different poses. I can’t believe they slept through the whole thing!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - You are absolutely right about the parents of twins having a hard time adjusting to having two babies in the house. We just have to remind them why they need to look at the bigger picture when it comes to photographing these wonderful treasures when they are born, regardless of how tired and exhausted they are. You did a great job with this session and will no doubt be the leader of the pack when new mom’s are on the hunt for their Greensboro Twin Newborn Photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Allison - Such a beautiful twin newborn session with this Greensboro pair! I love how they are doing the same thing in the poses and mom looks incredible!ReplyCancel

Winston-Salem Newborn Photography – Ethan

There are some babies that are just ridiculously squishy, and Ethan was one of them. I told his parents that I thought that all of his weight was in his perfect cheeks! They were “cheek-pinching” status, even though he was only around seven and a half pounds! He slept so well for me and just woke up at the end of his session for his family photos! His mom loved some of my favorite props, like my marshmallow tin and vintage water pail. These are just the right size for newborns and really show how teeny they are! I was able to put together some fun color combinations and simple neutral sets for his session, which created a great variety of images for his album!

Oak Ridge NC Newborn Photographer

I fell in love with Ethan’s perfect eye contact in this photo! Isn’t it mesmerizing? This cream wrap from Red Owl Photo Props!

Well, Hello to you too, sweet boy!

Greensboro NC Newborn Photographer Baby Boy Ethan

Here is another precious capture with Ethan giving me perfect eye contact while his momma snuggled him.

“Are we done yet?”

I think this is one of my favorite family photos, because Ethan’s adorable big sister needed some kisses too!

I cannot even handle his cheeks and those little fingers peeking out!

Winston-Salem Newborn Photography - EthanOak Ridge NC Newborn PhotographerWith every sweet newborn client that walks through the door, I am in disbelief that this is my JOB! I absolutely love getting to snuggle and love on these sweet little babies for a few hours and then deliver priceless memories for their parents to keep forever. I am so grateful for all the parents who choose me and trust me to work with their precious newborns.

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  • Corey - What a beautiful family! Baby boy did so well for his newborn session. Love those cheeks!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I think your right about his cheeks. They sure are kissable! Gorgeous session from start to finish. I’m a sucker for neutral set ups!ReplyCancel

  • Effie L. - I absolutely love all of these from the newborn session, but my favorite is where he is presented in dad’s hands! That expression is phenomenal! Great job!!ReplyCancel

  • Allison - Wow is he ever a cute little newborn baby boy! I love all the awake photos you took — he was so calm — and the posing with the family photos is spot on. Congratulations to this Winston-Salem family on the birth of their boyReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - I love all of Ethan’s photos from his Winston Salem Newborn Photography session, but my favorites were from the prop setups! You totally rocked the posing on all of them! I know this Winston Salem family has to be thrilled with all of the gorgeous images in this gallery!ReplyCancel

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer – Jenifer Howard Studios

Its not every day that another photographer trusts you to take their photos. I felt honored that April of April Cole Photography based out of Graham, NC trusted me enough to capture these special moments for her. She really wanted to capture their newest addition Parker, with the whole family, which is tough to do by yourself. So we started the session off with family photos. I couldnt believe how well they all posed and how easy they were making my job, then her husband informed me they had been “trained” for photos. That made me giggle a little since for some reason, your own family is the hardest to capture. Children of photographers often suffer from “Photographer’s Child Syndrome”. What is that? Just imagine eye rolls and crying anytime you pull out the camera.

We moved quickly through the family portion of the photos and moved onto photos of the star of the session, Baby Parker. He was the sweetest, but had very little interest in sleeping. I was able to capture some of the sweetest little yawns, and some amazing eye contact with this sweet baby boy, before he finally drifted off to sleep.

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

Look at that sweet little face! I loved his cheeks in these two photos!

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

This adorable bear hat is from Mokumba Baby Props, and they are amazing!Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

Do you see those sweet little toes peeking out of the wool fluff!?

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

Sleep? Nah…

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

OK, Maybe I’m a little tired.

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

How sweet is this image of April and Baby Parker! It is definitely one of my favorite mama and newborn photos!

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

See, I told you they were just perfect!

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

Summerfield NC Newborn Photographer

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  • Corey - I’m so glad mama decided to entrust another photographer for her family and newborn photos because these are absolutely precious! That sibling shot is perfection!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Anderson - Aww what a sweet newborn session — I love the first shot of him peeking out of the metal bucket. It’s always an honour when another photographer chooses you to photograph their newborn at your Summerfield NC studio. They are all beautiful newborn portraits!ReplyCancel