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Six Months Old is such a fun age to capture! It has always been one of my favorites ages because they can sit up by themselves, give you HUGE gummy grins, are happy to see everybody, and have just the perfect amount of baby squish on them!  Their little personalities are really starting to show through and they definitely have an opinion about what is going on.  One of the best parts is that they cannot move yet (usually, Ill get an early crawler on occasion)!

Freya was an absolute doll for her session. I absolutely loved her big blue mesmerizing eyes and dark brown hair! Her mom asked for some simple set ups, so I stuck with creams with a few pops of color for one of the sets! The blue headband really made her blue eyes pop!  I pulled out some pearls for a few of her images and she was obsessed with them! We ended hersession in a simple cream dress, and it was just the perfect amount of dainty for this sweet baby girl!

High Point NC Baby Photographer

This was one of the first photos that I took of Freya, just look at those beautiful blue eyes!


Then she stuck out her little tongue and smiled with her eyes! I die!! <3


Isnt that the best smile you have ever seen?


I LOVED this and a few other headbands from Edna Magdalene! I love her headbands because they are so elegant and chic!

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  • Allison Anderson - What a sweet little 6 month old girl. I love how expressive and generally happy babies are at this age for photos. I really love the styling and colours you chose for this baby photo session at your High Point NC studio.ReplyCancel

Winston-Salem Newborn Photographer – Jenifer Howard Studios

Meet Baby Amaya! She was such a teeny little thing at just 5.5 lbs, but such a sweet snuggle bug! Amaya’s mom contacted me a couple weeks before her due date to start planning her session. She had ordered some gorgeous headbands and bracelets that she wanted to incorporate into the session. The colors were perfect and I was able to create some beautiful sets that flowed seamlessly with the accessories, while adding in a few of my own for variation. I traveled to their home for this session, and it was an extra special treat to have lots of Amaya’s extended family present. There was a lot of “oooh’ing” and “ahhh’ing” when one of her grandma’s would peek over to see!

One of my favorite parts of newborn sessions is the planning. I usually sit in my studio before each session and put together different combos of props, layers, and accessories to see what works the best together. Maximizing each prop with different accessories is key to getting more variety of images! The studio is constantly getting new props, wraps, and accessories. New props keep my creative juices flowing and of course, shopping = fun!

Winston-Salem Newborn Photographer

We may have had to offer Amaya’s adorable brother some cookies in exchange for some photos. This sweet photo made it worth it!

Winston Salem NC Newborn Photographer2016-09-13_0004

Sweet little piggies!

Winston Salem NC Newborn Photographer2016-09-13_00062016-09-13_00072016-09-13_00082016-09-13_00092016-09-13_00102016-09-13_0011

I love her somber look here! It was one of the first shots I took and it was just so perfect!


Check out this adorable this little smile while looking at her mom!

2016-09-13_0013Winston Salem NC Newborn PhotographerWinston Salem NC Newborn PhotographerWinston Salem NC Newborn Photographer

I could not have done this session without all the gorgeous Red Owl Wraps, they are absolutely incredible!

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  • Christine D - What a beautiful newborn girl, and she is so tiny! My favorite photo is the one where she is wide awake and making amazing eye contact with you. Everything about this newborn portrait session is gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - Amaya is a gorgeous name for a beautiful baby girl! I love the variety in your work and how you made it all flow together. The sage and blush colors really accent each other nicely. Your pre-planning really shines through for this Greensboro in-home newborn session. My favorite picture is the wide awake shot!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Anderson - I can know why you started this newborn session blog post with Amaya’s brother kissing her — cause it is so cute! Photos like that must make your heart melt as a newborn photographer, because it sure did mine. Congratulations to this Winston-Salem family!ReplyCancel

Greensboro NC Family Photographer – Jenifer Howard Studios

Imagine in 20 years you are going through your old photo albums from when your children were young. You come across a photo that makes your heart beat faster and tears start to flow. Your sweet little ones doing one of their cute, quirky little things that really show off their personality. You remember how shy they were at that age, or how expressive they were with there hands. Maybe every time something was good or awesome, they gave you two thumbs up. All of those sweet memories come flooding back in an instant from just ONE photo.

I know, that getting that perfect portrait is important. You know the one, where everyone is looking and smiling! I have discovered though, that the more FUN you have during your photo session, the more real emotion you get! Sometimes it requires everyone singing “Let It Go”, playing peek a boo or tag, or having a big family cuddle.  The goal of each session is to capture just that!

I loved working with these three gorgeous kiddos! Of course, I am slightly biased since I am their aunt! When my Sister In Law asked me to take a couple portraits so she could update her walls I was more than happy to get these cuties in front of the camera! I don’t have many nieces, so to get to photograph and play with two of them was extra special! Arlie Mae was a doll! Everytime I see her, I cant get enough of her gorgeous curls! Then of course there is Case, who is as silly as they come! I cant believe how big he is now! Then lastly, sweet baby Annie! I mean, c’mon. Can you even handle all of her cuteness?!?!

Greensboro NC Family Photography2016-09-09_00022016-09-09_00032016-09-09_00042016-09-09_00052016-09-09_00062016-09-09_00072016-09-09_0008Greensboro NC Family Photographer


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There is something to be said about a baby in a fuzzy bear hat. I don’t know what it is exactly, but something about it is THE MOST ADORABLE thing! I mean, Can you even handle how stinkin’ adorable!?!

Baby Photographer Near Greensboro

Baby Madison was so amazing for her session. I collaborated with the fabulous Art By Ashley Photography, another local Greensboro Newborn Photographer, on this session so that we could have some fun and perfect some poses. Madison fell asleep almost instantly after I swaddled her. She loved being all cozy and warm! I love starting my sessions out with the “potato sack” pose. It is not only adorable, but since the babies are swaddled, they usually fall into a nice deep sleep so we can continue with the session.

The fun thing about collaborating with another newborn photographer is that they know all the “tricks” of the trade! There are so many little tiny details that go into posing newborns, so working with someone who was doing exactly what I was thinking was pretty amazing!  Especially when, for a couple brief minutes, Madison preferred being awake. Ashley and I would take turns brushing our hands softly over her eyes and nose so she would close her eyes for just a second while one of us grabbed the shot.


I had been dying to use this gorgeous vintage quilt layer from Twine & Lace! I love how it coordinated perfectly with

Ashley’s Lavender Red Owl wrap and my wool layering piece from Ababa Baby!


Just when you thought that fuzzy bear hats couldnt get any cuter, I give you, vintage lace baby bear hat!

Bear hat from Baby in Vogue


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North Carolina Family Photographer  – Dulin Family

Melissa contacted me in January to inquire about booking a  session. Melissa and her beautiful family live in Indiana, but would be traveling to the Phoenix area in the spring and wanted to get some family photos while they were in town. They wanted what all of my Local Clients didn’t, a gorgeous desert backdrop! It’s so funny how when we are surrounded by lush green, the desert seems so open and beautiful! On the contrary, when we are surrounded by brown dirt, all you want to see is some big, gorgeous trees! I was happy to oblige her desert request! We decided to head out to the White Tank Mountain area, and I’m glad we did! It was one of my favorite locations in the area.

The day of their session was Perfect! March in the desert is prime time for beautiful flowers! Everything is alive and blooming after a very short and mild winter. The Dulin Family couldn’t have chosen a better time to visit! If they had come a few weeks later, the weather would have heated up significantly! We had an amazing time doing a little bit of hiking and taking in the beautiful scenery around us. Their daughter wasn’t too interested in photos after the first 15 minutes, which is pretty typical for little ones. I wanted to distract her from the actual camera so we played, sang songs, and gave her a few snacks. My tricks definitely worked, because we were able to capture some amazing images of her!

I loved the bright colors they chose for their session. They were perfect for spring! Florals are such a hot trend right now, and Melissa looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress! I loved that she paired her patterned dress with two different solids for her husband and daughter to wear.

North Carolina Family Photographer-Jenifer Howard Studios2016-07-26_00152016-07-26_00162016-07-26_00172016-07-26_00182016-07-26_00062016-07-26_00072016-07-26_00082016-07-26_0009


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